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Wong Shek Wong, Frank

Visual Arts -
Type of Disability:Speech and language impairment、Hearing impairment


Frank Wong, born in Fujian, China, lost his hearing because of a childhood illness. He studied at the Lutheran School For The Deaf where he developed a fondness for drawing, and he would often draw doodles with chalk. He sat the Hong Kong Certificate of Education Examination in 1994, and received a B in Visual Arts. Encouraged by this achivement, Frank decided to embark on an artistic career by furthering his art education. He applied his creativity to a diverse range of art genres, including oil painting, watercolor painting, sketching, traditional Chinese painting and cartoons. Frank often drew inspiration from books featuring artworks from around the world.


In 2015, Frank participated in the event “Play me, I’m Yours” and created a painting on a piano. He also designed 3D paintings that are featured inside Hong Kong Tramways carriages under the “ARTram Shelters” project. In the same year he won an award after participating in the “BiG-i International Communication Center for Persons with Disabilities Art Project”, which was hosted by Japan.